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These days, ski resorts are so much more than just about the skiing and Val d'Isere provides activities for non-skiers, the injured as well as for those bad weather days. There are also a large number of heart-stopping activities for the crazier among you who like your adrenalin in large doses.

Micro Light Flights: take off on the snow from the top of the Olympique bubble - see the amazing promotional video:
Promo video >>  Contact: Philippe de villenoisy info@marine-air-sport.com


 Adventure Activities - by Evolution 2  

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Ice Diving


General Information
Explore what lies beneath the ice covering the “Lac de Tignes”. You will go down through a hole cut in the ice (always tethered to the surface - you won’t get lost!) and spend around 15 minutes by the side of the instructor, exploring the magical ice formations. Available everyday from 11h until 16h, from mid-December until early April. No prior experience is necessary. All equipment provided.


Daytime Session



Night time Session


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Swimming Pool Session




Helicopter Trips


General Information
A real once in a lifetime experience ! Hover around the Espace Killy or tour around the Olympic resorts of the High Tarentaise, or go as far as the Mont Blanc, marvelling at the wonderful scenery beneath you.


Discovery Flight -
(5 min - Tignes or Val d’Isère)



Espace Killy Flight
(10 min above the Espace Killy)


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High Tarentaise Flight
(15 min tour of the High Tarentaise area)


Mont Blanc Flight
(40 min flight over the roof of Europe)




Minimum numbers required   -  All prices shown are per person.




General Information
Realise mankind’s oldest dream, soaring above the mountains in total freedom. Take a flight in a dual harness with a qualified paragliding instructor from one of the many ideal sites in the Espace Killy. Available everyday depending on weather conditions.


Discovery tandem flight



Sensation tandem flight (360 °)


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Equestrian Activities


General Information
Our adventure chalet is situated next to the lake just along from the new sports centre.


Shetland Pony Rides 20 minutes



30 minutes "Junior Raid Polar Excursion"
From 8 yrs.



One hour "Raid Polar Excursion" - All levels

30€ Contact Evolution 2

Evening horse riding excursion
(1 hour 30 minutes with “vin chaud” break) /
For experienced riders.


Ski Joering for Adults (30 minutes)




Husky Rides


General Information
Get a taste of Alaska on a husky powered sledge whilst taking in the breathtaking mountain scenery. If you fancy something challenging, learn to drive the pack yourself.


This activity takes place two days a week in the resort of either Tignes or Ste Foy. Book upon arrival to avoid disappointment. A half days initiation driving through the forest trails of Sainte Foy. 2h30 of activity.Transport included. Minimum 4 people. Available one day a week. Pass by our office early in the week for the husky schedule.


Passenger - one person



Passenger - family package



Driver "musher"

60€ Contact Evolution 2

Half Day Ste Foy Husky Experience



Ice Driving


General Information
Organised from early December until mid March.
Meeting point: The ice circuit in Tignes les Brévières. Possibility of transport to Tignes les Brévières.
Behind the wheel of a Subaru Justy and Impreza, come and discover ice driving in the hands of our fully qualified instructors (BPJPES Sport Automobile). Test the following techniques on our ice skid pan: emergency braking, lock steering, reverse lock, controlled skidding ...
Available cars: Impreza 1.5 ; Impreza 2.0 ; WRX ; WRX STi ; Tribeca B9


From 30 € for 2 laps - contact Evolution 2 for more prices


Private lessons / courses available


Exclusive use of track available

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Driving Courses and more options



Quads & Buggies


General Information
Pure pleasure. No specific teaching methods required, the machines
themselves render the activity accessible. Experience the unique sensations alone on a quad, or shared by two in a buggy.


Quad 10 mins / 20 mins:



Groups - exclusive use of all machines
(1hr 10 - 50 people.)



Buggy 10 mins / 20 mins:

30€/50€ Contact Evolution 2

Groups - exclusive use of all machines
(1hr 10 - 50 people.)


The Fun Buggy Trophy challenge -
1 attempt / 2 attempts:




Snowshoe Walks


General Information
Minimum numbers required.


Snowshoe Expeditions
If you fancy a change from skiing, follow a local guide on Canadian snowshoes through the alpine forests in the valley. Spot the wildlife and hear the local folklore and legends. Half day trip.





Heli-Snowshoe Expeditions
A half day tour through the alpine forests to the shores of the Lac du Chevril, followed by a return trip by helicopter.


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